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Characteristics of A Good Mentee

There are some important characteristics that a good mentee will have. A mentee who isn’t willing to do the work or commit to the mentoring schedule won’t be able to reap the benefits.

Drive to succeed

A good mentee should have the drive to succeed. A mentee that demonstrates the drive or ambition to succeed will likely also have clear ideas of what they want in a mentorship.

Hard working

Mentees need to be hard workers. A mentoring relationship will require extra time and energy, outside of the employee’s daily tasks at the organization.

Time management

A mentee will need to be able to manage their time effectively. It’s also important that the potential mentee assess whether they have the time to commit to a mentorship program.

A positive attitude

A mentee with a positive attitude will go a long way in making the program a success. Not to mention, someone with a more optimistic outlook usually performs better than an individual with a negative outlook.

Respect for authority

Respect for authority is a vital quality that mentees should have. A mentee who is unable or unwilling to respect the experience, wisdom, and authority of the mentor will not be successful.

Open to learning

For a mentorship program to thrive, mentees need to be willing and open to learning. The mentor is expected to offer their expertise or advice, but if the mentee isn’t willing to learn, the opportunity is wasted.

Clear communication

Mentees should be capable of clear communication, including listening. Essentially, a mentorship program has a relationship at the center. To create positive relations, the mentee should be able to effectively express themselves.


Initiative takers make great mentees. Rather than waiting on someone else to recognize their abilities and strengths, mentees who feel in control of their career will be most successful in a mentoring situation.

Leadership capability

Good mentees should also have a demonstrated capability to be good leaders.


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