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How To Follow Up A Job Application

Use the following guidelines as you determine what to say when following up on a job application:

1. Wait two weeks
After applying for a job that excites you, it is natural to want to move the hiring process forward immediately. However, it is recommended to wait two weeks after submitting your resume before following up on your application. Allowing for two weeks to pass before taking this step lets the hiring team accept and process applications, which increases the chance they will have useful information to share with you about the interview process.

2. Be brief and clear
When following up with a potential employer, keep your communications as short and concise as possible. You have already submitted your application, and your follow-up serves as an opportunity to remind the hiring team that you are an excellent candidate for the job. Try to keep your email to three brief paragraphs or your phone call to less than three minutes

3. Confirm your interest
Your job application follow-up should begin with a confirmation of your interest in the position. Start with a statement about your application for the position, and clarify that you still have a strong interest in the job.

4. Reiterate your top qualifications
After confirming your interest in the job, briefly reiterate your primary qualifications for the role. Focus on your most noteworthy skills, certifications or experience so that you can efficiently position yourself as a strong candidate.

5. Express your gratitude
End your follow-up by thanking the hiring manager for their time and attention. You can carefully prompt them to take the next step in the hiring process, which may be checking your references or scheduling an interview. Provide your contact information so the hiring manager can easily communicate with you when necessary.

Remember to keep these four tips in mind to create a positive impression when you follow up on your job application:

  • Contact the hiring manager
    When following up on your job application, always contact the hiring manager rather than the human resources department. Since the manager takes responsibility for finding the right candidate, making a good impression is much more important than checking in with the HR department.
  • Opt for email when possible
    Hiring managers typically prefer receiving follow-up emails instead of phone calls. Communicating by email allows hiring managers to track your conversation and lets them respond to you when they have information to share or when it is convenient to do so.
  • Time your call right
    If you choose to call, plan to phone the hiring manager during the afternoon rather than the morning, as workloads are often slower later in the day. Schedule your follow-up call toward the end of the day to increase your chance of making a positive and memorable impression.
  • Know when not to follow up
    Some employers request candidates to refrain from contacting the hiring manager after applying. Check for this language in the job listing before following up, as calling or emailing the hiring manager in this situation could hurt your application or decrease your chance of getting an interview.

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