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Public health education and its importance to the society

Public health education is the combination of learning experience designed to help individuals and communities improve their health, by increasing their knowledge or influencing their attitude.

This is a strategy for health promotion and disease prevention programs. Common characteristics of public health strategies are;

  • Identification of target population.
  • Conduct a community needs assessment in order to identify the community health needs.
  • Plan learning activities to increase participant knowledge and skills.
  • Implementation of programs with well planned curricula that will take place in a setting that is convenient for the participants.



  1. Public Health studies plays a major role in fighting off the biggest killers of humans. Public Health professionals, who have either studied a Public Health degree or Health Studies related course, are constantly battling against diabetes, cancer, heart disease and dementia to maintain the health and well-being of the population.
  2. A fundamental quality of Public Health is its preventative nature. Prevention is far more effective and far less expensive than cure.
  3. Public Health is important due to aiding and prolonging life. Through the prevention of health issues, individuals can spend more of their years in good health.
  4. Public Health helps detect health issues as early as possible and responds appropriately to avoid the development of disease.
  5. It is diverse and takes into account the health of the whole population, rather than focusing on health at an individual level.
  6. Public Health is important as it ensures everyone is aware of health hazards through educational programmes, campaigns and through influencing government policies.
  7. It is important because you are constantly building new skills and expanding as a person. This is due to the nature of the work promoting growth through day-to-day activities and taking part in major projects and campaigns.
  8. Public Health is important because you are constantly striving to close the inequality gap between people and encourage equal opportunities for children, all ethnicities and genders.
  9. Health is a human right and as a Public Health professional you are ensuring no one is disadvantaged regardless of their socio-economic background.
  10. Public Health is important because you become the voice for individuals who have no voice and simply put, your influence on the improvement of someone’s health can be a great satisfaction.

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